- Cryosphere refers to any portion of the Earth's surface where water is in solid form, including glaciers, ice caps, ice sheets, sea ice, snow cover, frozen rivers, lakes, and permafrost. The Cryosphere is closely linked to the Hydrosphere and plays a crucial role in the ecosystem and our everyday lives.
- I've chosen the name because Cryosphere encompasses a wide range of ice around the world. This blog is meant to chronicle not all glaciers, but those that I experience and photograph in my travels. My vision is to visit and write about as many glaciers and other ice forms as possible while I pursue knowledge and share experiences of a beautiful world of ice. I hope you enjoy the photographs and follow along as I go!

15 May 2015

Wild Camping in Iceland

It seems whenever my buddy Miles finds a particularly scenic campsite on public land, a photo goes online with the tagline "The best things in life are free."          
Miles and I share a great appreciation for all things outdoors, and anything free. Throw in a great backdrop and you've got the makings of a good time. We're constantly exchanging stories of great campsites that come with a view at no extra charge; It seems like every time we talk one of us has another story of the last great campsite or where our tents are going next.

For those of you who have somehow escaped the barrage of photos and status updates from my latest adventure, I've just passed the halfway point of a month-long camping trip all around the still wintery, frozen Iceland. My cousin James and I arrived at the Keflavik airport on April 29th with little more of a plan than a few points on a map and the knowledge that Iceland is cool with "Wild Camping" - in that it's free to camp anywhere outside private property. 16 nights in 12 separate spots have set us back exactly $0. We pay instead in uncertainty and late nights searching for anywhere to pitch a tent. The payoff, though...

Tonight we spent hours looking for a decent spot after a shooting all night, very little sleep today, and all afternoon driving snowy dirt roads, only to backtrack for miles when the roads become impassable for the toy car Avis is passing off as a rental. Finally, after midnight, we found it. A real gem. Our tents lie only 100 feet apart, but between us runs a small stream below a 30 foot waterfall. There are so many falls in this country I don't think this one is big enough to have a name, but it's beautiful none the less. Snow still surrounds the base of the falls, but it's the warmest night we've had the entire trip. Nearing a low of 4°C (only our second night temps won't drop below freezing) it's almost too warm inside my goose-down sleeping bag. I toss and turn and shed clothing layers as I listen to the water thundering down outside my tent and I can't help but think:

The best things in life really are free.

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