- Cryosphere refers to any portion of the Earth's surface where water is in solid form, including glaciers, ice caps, ice sheets, sea ice, snow cover, frozen rivers, lakes, and permafrost. The Cryosphere is closely linked to the Hydrosphere and plays a crucial role in the ecosystem and our everyday lives.
- I've chosen the name because Cryosphere encompasses a wide range of ice around the world. This blog is meant to chronicle not all glaciers, but those that I experience and photograph in my travels. My vision is to visit and write about as many glaciers and other ice forms as possible while I pursue knowledge and share experiences of a beautiful world of ice. I hope you enjoy the photographs and follow along as I go!

24 May 2014


First off, I would like to welcome everyone to my new blog. This is a place for my thoughts, experiences, photographs, photography tips, and otherwise useless ramblings!

If you have any questions or want to know about my photographs or processes, don't hesitate to ask!
I will do my best to answer any questions whether they be through comments or emails. Please check out my webpage as well for more photos; www.dcranephoto.com.

Thanks for reading!


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